Postet av Lena IF - Fotball den 20. Apr 2015

Link: Banefordeling_Lena_stadion_2015.xlsx

Banplan / Ukeplan Lena stadion er nå ferdig med alle kampene plottet inn, send meg mail på når dere ønsker å trene skal jeg pusle det sammen til en fin plan :)

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    Hei! Jeg får ikke åpnet XLSX-fil. Forslag? mvh Stian

    29 april 2015
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    Donna, After who knows how many years we've corresponded via beogglr and yahoo, you finally heard my voice! Heheh, thank you for all your constant support. Carrie, NO YOU ROCK!!!Spiky, You have shared quite a bit as well. And have opened my artistic mind back up to realize that life stories, emotions, and feelings are expressed in MANY different ways. I adore you and am so glad that we stumbled upon each other. Hope you tasted the LIME! lolClyde, XOXO to you, you're one of a kind and I love it.OHN, I think its ok to want to whack my mom, I often fell like I need to, but thats as far as it goes, she's a very frightening woman! lol Blogging is a great way to express, process, and meet wonderful people that you might have given up hope in meeting. :-)

    21 februar 2016
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